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Laboratório de Alquimia — at Quinta da Regaleira.Sintra, Portugal
Wearing my new favorite lenses today ★ Read my Princess Pinky Eclipse review ->here<- ★( Necklace from Moon Bunny )★

Balchik Palace, Bulgaria (by Ioana_Lungu)
Pinky Paradise - Princess Pinky Eclipse~ Pink Review.( use the code “bakasoseji" to get a mystery gift. )
Comfort 5/5Super comfortable lenses, I can wear them a whole day (8 hours) without feeling any dryness or irritation.Color 5/5 These lens dosen’t cover or blend in with my blue eyes very well but I love the effect because of this, and the soft pink color look really nice with my blue eyes.
Size 4/5 I normally don’t wear lenses this big, and I would prefer these if they were a size smaller. These are 14,5 mm and so they enlarge my eyes a lot. Overall 5/5 They are comfy, and they look awesome! 
/(=✪ x ✪=)\ New puffy salopette from Alice and the Pirates.

Anon time!! I’m sorry if your question did not get answered this time, but maybe you will find an answer in my FAQ?
Q: Hi simon, I’m Chihiro and i know this probably sounds totally weird but i admire you alot and you style is perfection. I would really like to get to know you and become friends.A: Thank you so much Chihiro!! And I’m very happy to hear that you like the Ouji style! I would love you to send me a message off-anon, it’s easier to get to know each other that way :—)Q: i know you use alchemic silver conditioner but do you dye your hair other than that? or do you bleach and dye it? if so how often?A: I use a silver shampoo every time I shower my hair, and sometimes I use a product from Wella called “Color Fresh” , "Color Fresh" got a big variety of grey/silver tones to choose from so it’s fun to play around with, but the color only stays in my hair for like 4-6 washes.
Q: could i stalk you on snapchat?A: I don’t have snapchat, sorry!Q: please, someday show us your ouji wardrobe. Specially the hats, they are pure love <3A: I would love to! I might make a Ouji wardrobe tour at the end of the year, and maybe make a video in the future on how I style my top hat, because I only have one top hat that I style differently to match the outfit. 
Q: Jag vill bara säga att du är en sån stor inspirationskälla för mig! Jag brukar klä mig i lolita men har på senaste tiden börjat intressera mig mer för ouji, så jag älskar att titta på bilder av dig och inspireras ^_^ Du är fantastisk!<3A: Tack så jätte mycket! Jätte roligt att jag kan inspirera dig till att testa Ouji!! Vore jätte roligt om du skrev igen och berätta eller kanske visa vad du gjort för outfits? :—)


They make sounds

Palace Esterháza, Hungary.